Aneta Kręglicka’s life story is far from being commonplace. As a matter of fact, no one really bears comparison with her: she epitomises both a businesswoman and a media personality who has enjoyed a flawless image and decades-long popularity. Besides being strikingly alluring, she is also a well-educated and ambitious woman: having graduated from University of Gdańsk, she took up PhD studies at Warsaw School of Economics. Today, she is equated with utmost elegance, and the subtle character of her image has gained her many faithful supporters in her native Poland. Aneta Kręglicka embodies a XXI-century independent woman who rightly enjoys self-esteem and remais open-minded to the world and people around her. She admits to being a cosmopolitan who treasures family and social values.

Aneta proved to be a style icon well associated with fashion and she has been repetitively recognised as a ‘best-dressed Pole’ by many women’s magazines which raved over her sophisticated image. Besides her image, Aneta Kręglicka is appreciated for her natural and youthful appearance. This allows women of various age to identify with herself. She remains genuine and this is reflected in her selse of fashion, active lifestyle, and silhouette. Definitely, her authenticity originates in her strong character – she will never undertake to do anything unless she is fully convinced about it.



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