Aneta Kręglicka x L'AF FALL - WINTER 2018/19 | Dresses


NILA is a casual dress from which it is hard to take your eyes off. Let yourself shine!
Jeans and punk
When a jeans meets jets, NILA is born. A dress in a classic cut, sewn from the denim, combined with gold shiny decorative elements. They give the creation a punk character! The jets are sewn along the dress and decorated with a waist, shoulders and the part below the waist. The small neckline of the dress resembles the letter V. The waist is marked with stitching.
How to wear it?
Avoid unnecessary accessories. Wear a dress without jewellery, or you can put on one distinct accent, e.g. a thick metal bracelet. Match simple adidas, sneakers or espadrilles to your NILA model. On cooler days, you can combine a jeans outfit with long boots and a leather ramonesque.