Aneta Kręglicka x L'AF FALL - WINTER 2018/19 | Dresses


SUSANNA is a dress with an unobvious character. Evening? Daily or maybe cocktail dress? Give a unique tone to your styling and use it. Always according to your own concept.
Black, lace, pleats and V
SUSANNA dress model has long lace sleeves and a decorative V-neck. The waist is emphasized by a dark belt, which cuts off the pleated skirt from the smooth top of the outfit. SUSANNA is an elegant dress of medium length, reaching up to the middle of the calf.
How to wear it?
Choose accessories and other parts of your outfit, depending on the occasion you would like to wear a SUSANNA dress for. To keep the whole composition in black, choose shoes and tights in a similar shade. Choose a distinguishing feature in the form of make-up, nail color, handbag or luminous jewelry.