Aneta Kręglicka x L'AF FALL - WINTER 2018/19 | Trousers


An airy VALENTINA jumpsuit intrigues and attracts the attention. It is an outfit in which classics merges with a touch of modernity.
Maxi is a new elegance!
VALENTINA is a two-coloured jumpsuit created for some special occasions. The maxi length adds some chic to evening styles and lengthens the silhouette optically. The jumpsuit has a matching white shirt top. It is decorated with stripes and a thin net. VALENTINA also has a glossy waistband and its very feminine V-neck is finished with a black border. The bottom of the jumpsuit is made of poured fabric, in a dark, contrasting colour.
How to wear it?
Elegant updos and evening make-up will match the VALENTINA model. This unique jumpsuit likes the company of high heels and accessories in red, gold and silver.