Blouse BARSE
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Blouses / tunics

Blouse BARSE

BARSE is a top which can come in different varieties, each time genuinely feminine. You will find BARSE fit for a night in a club, for the office, for a formal or casual occasion or even workout in a gym. Try out all of them!
The charming top brags its velour-quality sheen was made from a soft, pleasant to the touch fabric. V-neck hemmed with intricate lace. Sleeveless so you can get your arms nicely exposed.
What to match it with?
Discover its versatility and feel free to experiment in creating your outfits: it will be appropriate for a number of situations and occasions, each time acquiring a slightly different feel, depending on the rest of the look. It proves to be quite a decorative piece so it may well be worn independently or with a blazer thrown over your shoulders. And why ever not trying it out with a sports bomber jacket? On the other hand, there is no further need to embellish the neck. If you like, go for some suitable bracelets or watch or else experiment with a body glitter to decorate your exposed wrists and forearms.