Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Dresses


FABIO is a feminine design which constitutes a fine example of a classic foundation piece supposedly hanging in every woman’s wardrobe. Nothing more deceptive! You’re encouraged to discover its unique character.
Studs here and there
The close-fitting style of FABIO has properties defining a body’s curvaceous aspects; besides, knee-length and long sleeves add some unconventional elegance to this simple garment. Its neckline is rather modest, making it a decent outfit for the office. Several metallic details provide for the sole decoration of the piece: however, its scarce quantity does not imply that it is too austere. FABIO has something untypical to it and this is why it is so arresting. The studs decorate the shoulders, waist, sleeves and the hemming at the bottom.
What to match it with?
Feminine looks only! Couple FABIO with sheer matte tights, stilettos or ankle boots. A classic black bag to go with, and some jewellery such as delicate rings and bracelets will definitely be most appropriate to finish off your look.