Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Dresses


SIMONA is another L’Af proposition for autumn/winter 2018/2019. Its decorative and girly character is achieved via detailing.
Tulle, dots and transparent sections
This design is all but scant with details. Let’s start with dots visible on top the dress, decorating the net section of the neck and shoulders and a transparent layer of the skirt. The cuffs and semi-transparent fabric covering the neck are accentuated by black gussets. Trimmed with ragged tulle. The translucent sleeves reach the elbow line, the bottom finishes beyond knees. Boat neck.
What to match it with?
SIMONA is an evening proposition, so elegant high-heeled footwear is not to be compromised. Keep to the monochromatic to favour its formal character: preferably, both a bag and footwear should be black.