Skirt EVEL
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Skirts

Skirt EVEL

The design features a black midi relaxed fit. A touch of rock and roll feel will appeal to the tastes of most fashion rebels. This skirt seems a nice pick for just about any woman.
Lady in black
The skirt in faux leather retains the neutral leather most desirable qualities: both in touch and in vision. The waistline features subtle topstitching. EVEL features a dashing sheen and a fancy fabric texture. Genuinely feminine and sexy, it will render the outfit somewhat more tempting.
What to match it with?
EVEL will prove a suitable pick for relaxed casual outfits but can also make a fine office look. To transition it into more casual set, pick a pair of ballet pumps, a loose tee and a row of bracelets. EVEL plays lovely with a shirt featuring a decorative tie at the neck, rounded-toe heels and an urban bag.