Blouse AFI
Fall - Winter 2019/20 | Blouses / tunics

Blouse AFI

The combination of sport and elegance

Thin, pouring material refers to evening creations, while the loose cut and casual details in the form of white and black lamps crowning the sleeves and semicircular neckline, bring to mind movement, freedom and comfort. Choose it when you want to feel feminine and comfortable at the same time.

How to wear it?

In order to maintain the effect of a shapely figure, it is worth taking care of balancing the styling. Combine Afi with tight pants or skirts. Match it with e.g. L’AF Bella’s sports trousers or a set of blouses with sexy light jeans tubes. Footwear in a youthful style (e.g. snow-white sneakers with colourful shoelaces) will complement this energetic set perfectly.