Trousers BAILI
Fall - Winter 2019/20 | Trousers

Trousers BAILI

Can you imagine to discount black, elegant, high quality trousers when completing your wardrobe? How about breaking the elegance with impressive decorations?

Shiny lamps

Baili fabric trousers are an attractive proposition for elegant women who don’t like boredom. Subdued but shiny lamps in gold, green and black give the trousers a character and sporty ease. At the same time, they don’t lose their elegance – they emphasize it! The pants taper downwards, optically making the figure longer.

How to wear it?

Black Baili pants are a perfect match for a white or black t-shirt. Depending on the occasion, add elegant heeled shoes or sporty sneakers. Baili pants offer unlimited creativity for stylization show-off.