GLAM luxury by L'AF Spring - Summer 2019 | Coats


A shapely and light coat is indispensable for summer, feminine outfits.

Cream white

GL Argente is a beautiful coat with a length for the hips. It slightly emphasizes the waist. With its interesting form and subtle colour it does not overwhelm holiday outfits. It has a slightly expanded cut and sleeves. The neckline and collar of the coat are decorated with large, fleshy frills. The coat does not have buttons, is tied on a fabric belt.

How to wear it?

GL Argente coat will look impeccable in the company of other bright clothes. Wear a white or pastel dress or beige cigarillos pressed into the edge. For such a chic style choose sandals in a subdued color, high-heeled shoes and a bag in the same tonation.