Overalls GL CARINI
GLAM luxury by L'AF Spring - Summer 2019 | Trousers

Overalls GL CARINI

The GL Carini suit will refresh your wardrobe. This is the only right answer to the trends this summer!

A pinch of magic

GL Carini is a fashionable suit with short, widened sleeves decorated with slits. V neckline is finished with a transparent mesh. The elegant jewellery brooch and the wide strap emphasize the sleek waist. Deep neckline on the back and a delicate ribbon sexually highlight the shoulder blades. The legs of the GL Carini suit have a casual cut, are long and wide.

How to wear it?

Expose the suit as the main element of your styling. Compose it with metallic shoes, e.g. with delicate gold coloured sandals. The set will be complemented by a square, miniature handbag.