Blouse Tiana
Spring - Summer 2022 | Blouses / tunics

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Blouse Tiana

Beige short-sleeved blouse TIANA from L’AF. Despite its classic, slightly fitted cut, it’s always an eye-catcher.
The femininity
TIANA stands out for its originality and uniqueness. The front is standard in appearance, magic happens on the back . The V-neck sensually exposes the back, and the delicate, tiny beads give the blouse a romantic, feminine character.
How to wear it?
TIANA is perfect for when you want to shine in company. If you combine it with dark jeans, it’s perfect for everyday wear, but if you pair it with an airy apricot skirt from the new collection, you get the perfect set for a date at a restaurant or a romantic stroll. You don’t need to wear too much jewellery – you can add a thin chain and small gold earrings – it’s enough to look stunning!