Hoodie Bobi black
Spring - Summer 2022 | Sweatshirts

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Hoodie Bobi black

Black BOBI hoodie from the L’AF collection. The loose fit and soft cotton fabric will appeal to lovers of comfortable and versatile clothing that can be worn practically all year round.
The large hood protects from cold and wind and provides extra warmth. The hoodie also features a roomy and practical kangaroo pocket, that can be used to put your phone or keep your hands warm in cold weather.
Gold logo
The characteristic details that adorn the BOBI hoodie are the gold embroidered logo and brand name, which contrast with the black colour of the hoodie. They are located on the back and left sleeve.
How to wear it?
The BOBI hoodie is a great choice when you want a comfortable and fashionable look. It pairs perfectly with skinny jeans, comfortable leggings or tracksuits, which you’ll also find in the L’AF collection.
The sweatshirt is available in three colourways, so you can pick one to suit your needs.