Blouse BEE
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Blouses / tunics

Blouse BEE

A weekend, or a summer meeting with friends around a fire? The amusing, fancy print that features a bee can by all means stand for a good sense of humour. And, besides, this is an irreplaceable clothing item forever to be found in any woman’s wardrobe.
It’s bee time!
A tee with a bee image seems a tongue-in-cheek garment which can serve you well as a casual piece to refresh your November wardrobe.
What to match it with?
BEE features ¾ sleeves and plays nicely with a sports vest. Thanks to its fitting cut, the piece remains feminine irrespective of the bottom part of your outfit. Baggy pants or, on the contrary slim fit are a safe choice to accompany it well. You are free to choose the footwear to your liking: both sportswear and smarter footwear seem acceptable. However, avoid heavy jewellery – BEE is enough for the embellishments.