Blouse IVA
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Blouses / tunics

Blouse IVA

Rosy-coloured IVA will be appreciated by romantic souls, and smart casual looks enthusiasts who also favour emphasising their femininity.
Let the womanhood reign supreme!
The top is adorned with a playful bow at the neck. The ¾ sleeves and length reaching the hip line. Finished with black tulle trimming.
What to match it with?
Match it black trousers and skirts maintained in rather dark colours; mini, midi and maxi styles seem a happy choice. Don’t hesitate to experiment with fashion! Jeans skirt can balance its rather romantic feel, and if you go for white slim-fit trousers, it will look undeniably appealing. Pick a pair of high heels or patent moccasins to slip on.