Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Coats


JULIET is an outer layer jacket useful for chilly autumnal evenings. Sports bomber style in lace fabric which will assure that your wardrobe feels decidedly lady-like.
Sporty lacework
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, lace is one of the most subtle and sensuous fabrics that have so far been manufactured. Anyway, can it be mixed without much issue into a sports outfit? By all means so – and JULIET bomber jacket proves it perfectly. The fit, length and silver zipper make for its fitness-like vibes. Sleeves are black and slightly transparent.
What to match it with?
JULIET offers much-appreciated versatility will play nicely with sports shoes on your way back from gym or transform the piece with a help of a shiny pleated skirt and lace up heeled sandals. It will also prove a successful match with jeans or leather trousers. Go for shorts and stilettos if you are not afraid of a genuinely appealing and eye-catching look.