Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Dresses


Dots, flounces and plenty of classy feel! ALZETTE is likely to delight women who favour to style their clothing with elegance and posh.
Details, details…
Although ALZETTE features plenty of decorative details, it doesn’t seem over the top and has quite modest look. The dress is bedecked with dainty dots in white colour against a black background. The neck is finished with a delicate frilled neckerchief in the same colour palette. The transparent sleeves are cuffed and the bottom is trimmed with rigged lace with floral embroidery.
What to match it with?
ALZETTE will play particularly nice alongside mock dance shoes proper to tango dancers, lace up sandals or classic heels. Ankle shoes or openwork boots in beige or dark tones also seem a welcome pick. ALETTE doesn’t leave much room for jewellery.