Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Dresses


ANITA is a simple design only varied by dainty details. A vintage piece is welcome at all occasions and will never get you bored.
Black and white
ANITA is a loose fit which, all the same, is kept in a classic character. The neckline, sleeves and skirt of this little black dress are finished with white trimming. A modest brooch and slits on the sleeves offer further adornment.
What to match it with?
The simplicity of ANITA design can be quite… devious. The many details decorating the garment don’t leave much room for further adornments so you will have to make judicious choices. Simple, heeled sandals or other heeled shoes with a high-rising upper, matt tights and insubstantial amount of jewellery, eg. silver of gold earrings will be just fine to get you a sophisticated look. ANITA will get you noticed in a most subtle of ways.