Dress AVEN
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Dresses

Dress AVEN

AVEN dress is seemingly quite modest and unobtrusive, but, if aptly exposed, it can seethe with appeal.
The power of femininity
AVEN is a simple, lightweight design and thanks to tulle layer, it is slightly revealing below the thigh line. The sleeveless loose fit design flatters exposed arms and calves.
What to match it with?
The simplicity of the look can be accentuated with aptly assorted accessories. Make sure you put emphasis to your waistline with a belt in a metallic colour. Accompany the garment with gold or silver brooches or a string of pearls. The exposed arms can be decorated with statement metal bracelets. Mid-calf length can optically shorten your legs but you can easily counter that slipping into high heels or wedge shoes.