Dress EPTE
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Dresses

Dress EPTE

There are slim chances that you have ever had a dress in this line: one featuring a sporty look which is all the rage now. A dress with side stripes? Few have heard of such revelations in fashion!
5 minutes for side stripes
Multicolour sporty side stripes decorating minimalist clothing have been trending in fashion industry for quite a while now, each time gaining more numerous audience. Besides, it seems that this detail has made its way into evening parties. This design features a relaxed fit in jersey and a V-neck. EMPTE dress finishes above the knee length and white-and-green side stripes account for its sole decoration but they alone do the job.
What to match it with?
EMPTE is a casual wear so accessorising it with some unpretentious jewellery would be a reasonable choice. Getting ready for a walk, slip on a pair of white plimsolls. If you mean to feel more feminine, you are most welcome to dress up a bit pairing it with stilettos and putting on an accent belt around your waist and perhaps decorating your exposed wrists.