Dress ZURI
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Dresses

Dress ZURI

ZURI is a stylish cocktail party Diamond Label design which is sure to appeal to the tastes of minimalism lovers. Thanks to rather insubstantial amount of decorations, it maintains a simple and gracious look. By means of aptly assorted accessories, you can easily transition it into a suitable outfit for office.
Simplicity works wonders
Simplicity does not always mean boredom. ZURI mini dress features a simple cut and beyond-elbow length. The entire design is kept in a plain dark colour palette. There are two details to provide for decoration: a modest brooch at the shoulder line and a layer of flounces at the bottom.
What to match it with?
It is best to couple it with footwear kept in a similarly austere character: either a pair of stilettos or reveal sandals. Create a lovely look accessorising yourself with a postman bag or one to clutch. Keep moderate in terms of jewellery and extra accessories not to ruin the minimalist feel of ZURI: delicate earrings or rings will go round.