Jacket HERA
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Jackets / vests

Jacket HERA

HERA is a timeless Diamond Label biker leather jacket with a somewhat predator-like feel to it. This decidedly outstanding piece can serve as a foundation piece for limitless looks. Make sure you don’t miss out on it!
For a ride and for a club
A leather jacket has long dissociated itself from the biker or music subcultures that it used to bring to mind. It does not mean that it won’t a perfect companion for a music gig or cut-out for a motorbike ride! HERA features a classic leather jacket style, all the same it is distinct by a somewhat less predictable sheen and tight-fitting sleeves with horizontal topstitching and silver zippers.
What to match it with?
Feel free to put it on for both dresses and maxi skirts, and don’t you hesitate to pair it with slim-fit trousers. For an evening-out, make use of it to revive an outfit where typically jackets or blazers are assumed to be the exclusively legitimate pieces. Its sexy feel can be strengthened with a pair of stilettos or heeled sandals. Some judicious amount of silver jewellery is welcome.