Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Skirts


ARDEN is an airy maxi black skirt to which you are more that sure to restort to while compiling your autumnal evening outfits. Once autumn and winter are gone, it will keep standing you in good stead for… nippy evenings proper to spring and summer!
The shirt is layered so therefore not entirely transparent. Still, it is delightfully light and, featuring subtle pleats, allows for imagination to wander… One could say it seems to be a mist wrapped around your body.
What to match it with?
Maxi styles can go from one extreme to another: you will not be a misdeed to pick either a pair of high heels or, on the contrary, out-and-out flats. ARDEN will play nicely with openwork sandals or sexy peep-toe stilettos. It will offer a welcome marriage with ballet pumps or fancy sandals. Match it with a leather biker jacket, a smart lace top or a one with narrow straps.