Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Sweaters


Come cooler days, and this loose-fitting denim turtleneck will come in handy. Keeping the eye away from perhaps less welcome parts, it will ultimately flatter your silhouette. It is safe to say that having once wrapped yourself with this cuddly piece, you will find it hard to do without, especially in terms of autumnal looks!
It is common knowledge that our mood can easily be influenced by colours that are around us. Neutral shades are happy to be combined with a great number of looks. In turn, its vivid colour is sure to enliven your outfit and cheer you up on dull days.
What to match it with?
JARRET will welcome the company of tight-fitting trousers, high rise skirts or serve you well with a plain dress. Black loafers, fancy flat pumps or mid-heels will be a proper choice to go with. The plain texture of the piece is literally begging to be decorated somehow. Why not experiment with ethnic details, colourful pendants or openwork collars?