Blouse VIVI
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Sweatshirts

Blouse VIVI

This gorgeous, high-end VIVI Diamond Label jumper merges casual elegance with a sporty relaxed style. Check it out for yourself!
Abundant harvests
This sporty jumper in dark colours breaks from all conventionality: VIVI is fastened with a metallic zipper and pink side stripes on the sleeves and pockets. It does not end here: there are yet other shiny stripes, and the front detailing forming a V-shape. The back features horizontal embroidery.
What to match it with?
Couple with it some velour tracksuit bottoms, light-coloured jeans or other slim-fit trousers. A mini skirt will make a genuinely sexy outfit. And why not amaze others slipping on a pair of your favourite stilettos in nude? The shiny VIVI doesn’t leave much room for jewellery.