Trousers MINAI
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Trousers

Trousers MINAI

A pair of vintage slim-fit trousers is a must-have in just about every woman’s wardrobe. MINAI evince figure-flattering qualities and let their wearer feel self-confident and appealing.
Skinny & attractive
What to consider meaning to achieve the desired ‘wow’ effect by means of our look? Well, the answer is simple: use your trump-cards showing off what you have been equipped with by mother nature. Remember to adhere only to these trends which are in line with your own sense of style. MINAI skinny fit flatters your shapely legs and dark tones help to elongate your frame and slenderize it. Mock pockets at the waistline make for an additional nicety of MINAI trousers.
What to match it with?
MINAI style will play nicely with a number of tops, from loose fit tunics to sweatshirts and smart shirts. Fitting trousers call for an appropriate finishing touch in the form of well-suited shoes, so if you mean to flatter your legs even more, couple MINAI trousers with high heels or heavyweight wedge-heeled shoes.