Trousers RIANA
Fall - Winter 2018/19 | Trousers

Trousers RIANA

What distinguishes RIANA trousers is their simplicity and subtlety of details. On the lookout for a sporty, business casual or informal outfit? RIANA will come in handy for any of these. Classic trousers in black are indispensable in a stylish woman’s wardrobe.
The iconic Breton look
RIANA design is discernible thanks to its characteristic sailor details: the belt features white and navy-blue side stripes and a fancy silver button. Subtle pleats add a touch of elegance.
What to match it with?
This design features a slightly shorter, non-standard leg length: the fit exposes your ankles and, if matched with patent loafers, their lovely character gets noticed. Stilettos or flats in light or dark colours will also make a nice match. Couple it with a plain top: preferably a turtleneck or a loose-fit shirt.