Blouse DORA
Fall - Winter 2019/20 | Blouses / tunics

Blouse DORA

A profusion of colors and patterns. These are the attributes of Dora blouse. You don’t need any more decorations, it’s the one that creates the whole style.

Be yourself

Originality, courage, pursuit of purpose. These features of L’AF’s Dora blouse. It consists of an original combination of stripes and flowers, wide cuffs decorated with pearl buttons and an elegant triangular collar. There is no boredom here! The vertical position of the stripes on the material changes its orientation in the space on the right side of the blouse.

How to wear it?

Thanks to the shimmering fabric, the blouse is perfect for special occasions. You can match it with a white pencil or black pleated skirt. You can also add sandals on a wide post and black long earrings. Remember, don’t exaggerate with accessories, Dora plays the first fiddle here.