Dress DIVA
Fall - Winter 2019/20 | Dresses

Dress DIVA

100% sensual and feminine. That’s what DIVA is like!

Lace coquetry

The Diva is a perfect combination of chiffon and lace. Simple, yet incredibly sensual proposition from L’AF emphasizes feminine qualities and allows you to feel absolutely unique in dresses. Black, decorated with red flowers and white and red hearts, the chiffon harmonizes perfectly with delicate lace. The green leaves that penetrate through in some places enliven the whole styling. The first layer of the dress, also finished with lace, reaches down to the knees. A subtle black strip of lace is visible at the waist.

How to wear it?

DIVA doesn’t need any more decorations. Match it with black slippers and box purse, and you will dazzle absolutely everyone. Choose a modest hairstyle and makeup.