Dress LONI
Fall - Winter 2019/20 | Dresses

Dress LONI

Juicy violet

Loni is a beautiful purple dress from the latest collection of L’AF brand. It is made of smooth, glossy material with a metallic shade. Black, contrasting material inserts add variety to the creation. Dark, soft fabric creates sleeves and a piping crowned with a round neckline. The dress has a slightly extended cut and a length in front of the knees.

How to wear it?

Short dresses like Lomi can also be worn in winter or autumn. All you have to do is combine them with warm shoes with long uppers. Choose one in red wine or black. Suede boots on heels or shapely boots will complete the whole, and jewelry with textile accents, such as felt bracelets or colorful weeds, will awaken associations with coziness and autumn style.