Jeans DIXI
Fall - Winter 2019/20 | Trousers

Jeans DIXI

Fashionable applications and abrasions

Dixi are tight pants in the tight form which expose the feminine shapes in an exceptionally beautiful way. This cut returns to fashionable graces after a long absence. The pants are long in front of the ankles. They are decorated with characteristic, fashionable abrasions and fancy appliqués.

How to wear them?

A set of Dixi models with a grey and black Erin blouse from L’AF or with a top and long vest to create a sexy and comfortable outfit. Due to their length of 7/8, it is worth combining them with slender silhouette shoes with high heels, e.g. with metallic high heels. However, they will also look good with shoes on a lower post or with bright, sporty sneakers.