Trousers BLAYNE
Fall - Winter 2019/20 | Trousers

Trousers BLAYNE

Material checked and elegant pants? Why not! L’AF’s Blayne model ingeniously combines chic and unpretentiousness, making perfectly tailored trousers.

The power of the check

The check is a timeless pattern. It will delight women of all ages, distinguishing them from the crowd. After all, the check is conspicuous! The Blayne model is a combination of dark green, black and red. It has narrow slender legs, the length of which covers the ankles. Side recessed pockets give them a casual feel.

How to wear them?

Create an original outfit with a white or green top and red, elegant spiked sandals. Blayne also looks great in a casual look. All you need to do is replace the elegant slippers with gray oxford sports shoes.