GLAM luxury by L'AF Spring - Summer 2019 | Dresses


Creation which is distinguished and memorable for a long time. With evening character and subtle glow.

A sequin-signed evening

GL Mademoiselle is an impressive, yet delicate evening dress with a fashionable maxi length. It has a deep, sexy neckline and a large cut on the back. The creation is lined with silvery, shiny sequins. It has a sensual cut at the level of the left thigh. It beautifully emphasizes the figure and attracts the attention of others.

How to wear it?

Combine your tuned dress with tall, openwork silver, white or flesh-coloured shoes. Match GL Mademoiselle with a small purse. Choose a nonchalant, casual hairstyle and minimalism in accessories. Avoid rich jewellery or hair ornaments.