GLAM luxury by L'AF Spring - Summer 2019 | Jackets


Can outerwear be airy and elegant at the same time? The GL Meoni jacket proves that this part of the wardrobe can conquer all the styling!

All in white

Thin and white GL Meoni jacket has a shirt like cut. Its wide sleeves reach over the elbows. The neckline is arranged in the letter V. The sleeves are topped with wide cuffs and the waist is emphasized with a tie.

How to wear it?

Use your GL Meoni jacket for monochromatic and elegant styling. He will create a successful pair with white, wide trousers. Add metallic pins and a small handbag in a similar colour to the bright set. You can break the elegance of a white jacket and create a more sporty look by combining GL Meoni with tight jeans and sneakers.