GLAM luxury by L'AF Spring - Summer 2019 | Trousers


The delicate and elegant jumpsuit makes the beauty of the whole styling. Choose it for a special summer evening!

White and brilliant

Mademoiselle is an extremely sensual jumpsuit in white and silver. The sequin top of the suit has a cut close to the body and a V neckline, both on the front (with a delicate mesh) and on the back. Silvery top chests with thousands of colors! The bottom of the suit is made up of bright, fibrous trousers with a high fit, extendable legs.

How to wear it?

The Mademoiselle jumpsuit is a very distinctive element of the wardrobe, so it does not require the company of dressing accessories. Choose beige sandals on heels and a similarly coloured handbag for a bright outfit (perfect for emphasizing your summer tan!).