Blouse Daffi
Spring - Summer 2021 | Blouses / tunics

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Blouse Daffi

Cross stripes are an indispensable feature of the marine style. Preferably in white and navy blue colors. This is the so-called classic of the genre. The marine style does not go out of fashion, so it is worth equipping your wardrobe with a few elements with this motif. An excellent proposition is a very universal Daffi sweater by L’AF. It definitely fits the classic version of marine colors. Navy blue and white stripes will beautifully combine with a wide range of colors of accessories. An additional, subtle decoration is a golden circle-shaped accessory at the bottom of the blouse.
How to wear?
The Daffi sweater is a great starting point for composing outfits in a nautical style. The summer character of the navy blue stripes can be emphasized with red accessories. Of course, the sweater will create a beautiful set with accessories in the colors of the stripes. To enhance the nautical character, you can try a bracelet or an anchor pendant. A straw bag and a chiffon scarf will also be a hit, summer accessory.