Blouse Fresh
Spring - Summer 2021 | Blouses / tunics

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Blouse Fresh

Summer, sun, green parks … all these words evoke only good associations and smiles. What, if not bright gentle colours, will be the best background for a charming female smile? In this colour scheme, the face looks radiant and rejuvenated. Despite its simple shape, the Fresh aquamarine blouse from the L’AF brand will not let you pass indifferently. A casual cut of the V-neck blouse lends lightness and freshness. It was made of pleasant jersey with discreet lurex. Due to its versatility, it is a must-have for any spring wardrobe.

How to wear it?

In the case of the LA’F Fresh blouse, there will be no problems with the selection of the ensemble. The delicate colour and classic shape make it match most of your wardrobe items. Besides, depending on the accessories chosen, the LA’F Fresh blouse will change its character and beautifully complement your outfits. With jacket and trousers, it will make a casual business look. However, when choosing a highly decorative multicoloured bottom, it will create a glamorous set.