Vest Reja
Spring - Summer 2021 | Jackets / vests

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Vest Reja

Women’s fashion knows no bounds. Designers in search of new ideas get inspiration from everywhere … even from men’s wardrobes. It turns out that the forms of men’s suits look phenomenal on women’s silhouettes. Therefore, when looking for an alternative to sweaters and sweatshirts for spring, pay attention to the L’AF Reja vest. This incredibly fashionable piece of clothing exudes elegance and style. The vest has a collar and flaps fastened with two buttons. The cognac-colored material is very versatile and goes well with many colors. The vest is the epitome of everyday elegance.
How to wear?
The Reja vest is a very good replacement for a jacket during warmer days. You can put it on a T-shirt, short top or an elegant shirt. Depending on your needs, you can choose straight pants with a crease or even jeans. A very fashionable accessory chosen by fashion stylists is a mini bag with a strap with silver studs made of ecological leather.