Cardigan Laf
Spring - Summer 2022 | Sweaters

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Cardigan Laf

Сreamy LAF cardigan from the L’AF collection is the perfect addition to a stylish outfit for a chilly day. The ties at the waist make it very universal. Also waist is beautifully accentuated and the entire silhouette is visually slimming due to the waistband and V-neckline.
Pink print
The pink print with the letters LF, subtly contrasting with the creamy colour, draws attention and adds interest to the LAF cardigan.
How to wear it?
The cardigan is the perfect piece for work, a walk or a meeting with friends, when you want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. The LAF cardigan is incredibly soft, it looks great with a variety of garments. It pairs perfectly with a top from the same collection.